Our Story

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How we got here

Although Guardian began over a decade ago as a data center, managed infrastructure and cloud advisory firm working with both service providers and end users alike…

… We’re now using that comprehensive experience to bring a multi-faceted and holistic approach to managed security.  

We lived through the creation of the cloud, played in FEDRAMP, and watched the evolution of data center infrastructure for a long time.

From our spot in the cheap seats, we saw that managed security services are something that all service sectors have added to their portfolio – but is it their core?

During a visit to the mountains of Northern New Mexico and Colorado, locals in both places told us the same interesting fact:

Aspen forests are a single organism. The trees aren’t individual. Their roots are all connected and create one big living breathing thing…

For a long time we thought about IT infrastructure as a series of “siloed places” that we use for compute and storage.

But you know what’s NOT siloed? Cyber threats. The most effective ones become systemic.

So we started reimagining managed security. And when we had our “aha” moment…

… We decided to build a company based on a completely new and different way of delivering services.

What We Beleive


Connected IT needs a connected strategy.

Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, third-party, and corporate data centers, though individual components, together create a unified, living system for your data, necessitating a holistic security approach.

Preparation and prediction are the new table stakes.

Our shift towards proactive security not only protects your operations but also empowers your organization to drive innovation without fear.

Best of breed security stacks are a must.

We advocate for a cybersecurity approach that recognizes the unique needs of each part of your IT ecosystem.

What we’re doing differently


Everything. Seriously. We will help you make sense
of cybersecurity, show you everything, manage it flexibly
(you choose your level of involvement), and charge you a fair price.

Uncompromised Expertise

Working with both service providers and end users alike, we focus solely on complete visibility into infrastructure, security and compliance.

Uncommon Approach

Our services are sculpted to respect this interconnectivity, ensuring the intricate web of an IT ecosystem is a bastion of security for valuable data.

Untethered Execution

Guardian champions a vendor-neutral approach, liberating businesses from the constraints of single-vendor solutions.

Untethered Execution
unlimited potential

Unlimited Potential

… We decided to build a company based on a completely new and different way of delivering services. With Guardian fighting the good fight, your teams can focus on resource optimization, more productive collaboration and faster innovation.

Why Customers Trust Us and You Can Too


We practice. We don’t consult

We have a very well thought out methodology and process. There are no silver bullets, but none of this is insurmountable.

We practice do don't consult
We automate you innovate

We automate. You innovate.

A lot of IT leaders lack the time for innovation because managing the day-to-day of security and compliance is overwhelming.

We make the sexy stuff affordable.

Our service is not costly. The unique way we have partnered with our technology providers means we are bringing enterprise-grade capabilities into the mid-market, so you get access to the latest technology.

We make things look sexy

We’re your ally. Not your auditor.

The insights we deliver are to get you ahead of the game before it becomes a problem that impacts you, your customers and value chain. And you don’t have to do it alone or all at once.

The Founders

Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith


Jarret Hinrichs

Jarret Hinrichs


Cam Brown

Cam Brown